Friday, March 13, 2009

Classic silhouettes, updated

When trolling the 'net last year for decor for my apartment, one trend that really caught my eye was the flattening or reinterpretation of classic silhouettes. Generally speaking I definitely tend more towards modern and stay very far away from what I consider to be more busy or heavier shapes. However, I found that this new take on these forms pleased both my modern aesthetic and my girly-but-not-too-girly side. For this first collection of Internet finds, I present the following:

Clockwise, from top left: Silhouette pedestal side table, Trollsta side table, Vintage Shelf, Hemnes bedside table, Silhouette console table, Vika Hyttan/ Vika Fintorp Table

Clockwise, from top left: 3-D Chandelier, Ghost Candelabra, Bari Pendant, Calista Glass Cylinder Tealight Holders

Clockwise, from top left: Lost Cuckoo Clock, Fantome Clock, Illusion Champagne Flutes, Vintage Style Ivy Vinyl Wall Chalkboard Decal, Myrica Sir Elton Electric Headboard, Illusion Wine Glasses

And, last but not least (my friend A.S. actually proposed with these):
Acrylic Diamond Rings


bethany said...

Hello, hello! I just found you while looking for photos of the gorgeous VIKA HYTTAN/VIKA FINTORP IKEA table...and I totally have to agree with you. I love the move toward the classic silhouette with a updated look. All of these pieces are just unique enough to draw your attention, but not too over the top to clash with everything you own! :)

It looks like I'm hopping in on this post about 6 months late, but I just had to comment! :)